horse Asgaard
Brauerei Schleswig
German brewery in Schleswig inspired by the Vikings of Hedeby.

Berserker Export Pale Ale
Hebridean Brewery
Hails from the Viking infested waters of the Hebrides in Scotland.

Battle Axe Blonde Ale, Longship Lager, and Valkyrie Red
Dempsey's Brew Pub
Brewpub located in South Dakota.

Bifröst Winter Ale and Loki Lager
Elysian Brewing Company
Seattle based brewers.

Birka Special Ale
A modern ale to honor the fabled Swedish Viking trading town (Swedish only site).

Danish beer honoring that most bad-ass of arm rings, brewed with pine and honey. Can't link directly to this particular beer, but it does appear towards the bottom of the "Øltyper" section of the Danish version of the brewery's site.

This Icelandic brewery is cool because it's named after that poet dude who pissed off Erik Bloodaxe.

Danish brewery with a Viking dude on its labels. Rumors on the web that they once produced an Odin Pilsner.

Danish horn-blowing beer. As with the Hebridean Brewery, I'm hoping that their currently defunct website comes back to life.

Jelling Bryggeri
This brewery is about as Viking as it gets (site is Danish only).

Norse Porter
These Norwegians are also currently working on two new brews tentatively titled "Odin's Tipple" and "Valhall".

Odin-Trunk Honigbier
Schlossbrauerei Fürstlich Drehna
German beverage hailing the Allfather. Can't link directly to the beer, but the brewery site does contain info about it (German language only).

Dragonhead Stout and SkullSplitter
Orkney Brewery
Fuck yeah.

Red Erik
Hail Erik the Red! Danish owned brew apparently produced in Italy.

Millingstorps Gårdsbryggeri
"Rune beer" from Sweden (website is Swedish only).

Sorte Odin
Danish Odin beer (site in Danish only).

Thor Bräu
Thor-Bräu: Das Brauhaus in Ottensheim
Thunder god beer/brewery from Austria.

A Danish brewery named after the most accomplished drinker of all time (site is Danish only).

Valhalla Brewery
Many inspirational drinks to this brewery's credit, located in Shetland.

Brewery offering a range of pure Icelandic Viking beers.

Viking Brewing Company
Wisconsin brewers of many beverages. The name says it all.

Restorffs Bryggjari
Faroese Viking brew. The label is located at the bottom right of the linked page (site in Faroese only).

Der Ritterladen
German Viking beer with honey. Not sure if produced or just sold by Ritterladen (German only site).

Ægir Bryggeri
Norwegian brew pub located in Flåm (site is in Norwegian).

Though there seem to be no official sites, I found online hints that Midnight Sun Brewing Company produces a Berserker Imperial Stout and that Thomas Kemper produces a Viking Fest Summer Ale. Also of interest may be Alba Scots Pine Ale, brewed by Heather Ale and inspired by the pine ales brought to Scotland by the Vikings a thousand years ago.

Lastly, if you're into malt, check out Viking Malt, a joint Finnish-Swedish-Lithuanian malting company.

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